Prosis Security Assessments provide visibility into areas of risk including information systems, users, third party services & applications, policies/procedures and data management.

Our team of Security Engineers have provided consultation sessions to implementation strategies for our clients in all industries.


Network Penetration Testing

IT Security is a vital need in any organization. Today, hackers from around the globe are trying to penetrate company databases to leak out personal and corporate information on the Internet or to malicious groups. A strong Security Assessment is the first step in understanding how to posture your organization to not become a victim of a Cyber Attack.

Prosis Hawaii provides a suite of services to better protect your network


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Internal Compliance

Mitigating internal risks significantly reduces threats against your network. Prosis can provide training to your employees so that they understand and comply with your companies IT Security Policies and Procedures.

Statistics show that the majority of Cyber Attacks against a network are from external websites that are plagued with Trojan horses, Malware and Phishing strategies. Let Prosis provide your team with the knowledge to best conduct information assurance!



Mobility is becoming the key driver for all of our social and professional experiences. Whether its playing Saas based video games, social media, on-site connected professional resources and sharing content over a cup of coffee, PROSIS has a impeccable record of deploying wireless solutions in various environments.

IT  SOLUTIONS                                                   

Wireless Solutions

Being able to see where your customers are in real time is a valuable asset to any organization. The ability to have a vision into buying patterns to include dwell times and geo mapping greatly positions your organization to adjust the current enviornment and capture customer revenue. PROSIS has a viable solution that is minimally invasive, SaaS based and provides reporting information so your organization stays ahead of the competition.


Data Analytics/Metrics

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Security Assessment

Prosis Hawaii provides a suite of services to better protect your network

Finding the root cause of network vulnerability

Making sure that personnel maintain Security Compliance

Many networks today are vulnerable to various cyber attacks. Malicious code could be on your network and you may not even be aware of it. To better understand your current network health, let Prosis provide you a Penetration Test to see where your vulnerability points are and how to re-mediate them.

Our philosophy toward network security is to have a 'Best Offense' to combat malicious intent and a 'Best Defense' to contain any threat and provide a security solution that is flexible and scalable.

Understanding your current IT Infrastructure

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